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Our ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence®) Training Online is the official Foundation approved ECDL certification course. The ECDL is the European-wide computer skills standard. You will have access to all 7 required ECDL modules

ECDL Module: Basic concepts of IT Basic concepts of IT Average Learning Time: 3 hours
ECDL Training Module: Using a computer and managing files Using the computer and managing files Average Learning Time: 5 hours
ECDL Training: Word Processing Word processing Average Learning Time: 7 hours
ECDL Training: Spreadsheets Spreadsheets Average Learning Time: 9 hours
ECDL Training: Databases Database Average Learning Time: 5 hours
ECDL Training: Presentations Presentation Average Learning Time: 7 hours
ECDL Training: Outlook Information and Communication Average Learning Time: 6 hours
BUY New ECDL 5.0   New ECDL 5.0 for office 2003 & 2007 £149.99 BUY New ECDL 5.0
BUY New ECDL 4.5 XP/Vista   New ECDL 4.5 XP & Vista Compatible for £89.99 +vat BUY New ECDL 4.5 XP/Vista
BUY ECDL 4.0   Older ECDL 4.0 for £39.99 +vat BUY ECDL 4.0
BUY BCS Unit E ECDL Level 2 courseware   BCS unit E Advanced ECDL module for £24.99 +vat BUY BCS Unit E ECDL Level 2 courseware

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The European Computer Driving Licence® (or ECDL) is the registered trade mark of The European Computer Driving Licence Foundation Limited in Ireland and other countries. Presentation of the ECDL logo above, signifies that the courseware material distributed through this website has been developed by "Mindleaders" and has received the approval of the ECDL Foundation Ltd.